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4 Tips to Plan Your Little Girl’s First Birthday Party

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Are you a parent who is busy browsing web pages of various kidswear stores to find birthday outfits for your little girl’s first birthday? In case you are keen on throwing a birthday party, choosing first birthday dresses is a part of the process and there is a lot to do to plan the party. In case you have your to-do list ready, the following section will help you cross-check if you have missed anything.

  1. Get Your Guest List Ready And Send Invitations

Birthdays look incomplete in the absence of your kith and kin. Particularly when it’s your little one’s first birthday, you wouldn’t want to leave out anyone close to you. But as humans, there’s a very high chance for you to miss out on inviting some of your dear ones. But, creating a list of people whom you want to invite for this special day and sending them an invitation via your preferred mode can help you get this job done.

Make sure you include all the necessary details of the event as well as a photo of your munchkin on the invitation as they are the star of the show.

  1. Choose An Appropriate Theme

Choosing birthday themes is important as choosing birthday outfits. Fixing the theme will help you get better clarity on planning the birthday. It will help you set the mood of the party. With this, you can easily choose the perfect birthday outfit from the collection of the first birthday dresses currently available in the market.

Some of the most popular themes used for a birthday party is a cartoon-based theme. And it is not rare to see parents choose cartoon-based birthday outfits for their munchkin. Ask the guests to wear something that goes well with the theme.

  1. Consider Getting Two Cakes And Two First Birthday Dresses

As per the current trend, first birthdays always have two cakes, viz., a smash cake, and a regular cake. Having a small smash cake can help your little one have some extra fun by digging their hands into it. As this would be the highlight of the first birthday, it would indeed be a moment worth capturing. Though it is your baby’s special day you should make it a point to make guests also feel special by giving them a chance to enjoy another cake.

Cake cutting and smashing can always get messy, adorable, and hilarious. So make sure you have kept aside two birthday dresses to wear while cutting each cake.

  1. Hire A Babysitter If Required

Make it a point to hire a babysitter, especially if you are inviting a lot of children to the party. Hiring someone to take care of the kids during the party can make you relaxed and enjoy that special day to the core. In the absence of a babysitter, you can also ask a teenager from your family who is fond of kids to take care of kids.

How many of these tips have you thought about earlier?

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