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Empowering Kids Through Vishu Clothing: How Traditional Attire Can Instill Cultural Pride and Identity

Vishu Special Kidswear Collections | Kidswear Online | Nakshatra Kids

Vishu, also known as the Kerala New Year, is a special occasion celebrated in Kerala and by Malayalees worldwide. It marks the beginning of a new year and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm.  One of the key elements of Vishu celebrations is the traditional Vishu clothing. Vishu wear for kids and adults plays […]

What to Wear This Festive Season? The Ultimate Vishu Kidswear Shopping Guide

The Ultimate Vishu Kidswear Shopping Guide

Looking for the perfect  kidswear for the festive season of Vishu? You can bring your search to a halt at Nakshatra Kids, the ultimate Vishu Kidswear Shopping destination. Vishu, the beginning of the astronomical year, falls in the mid of April every year and it is the day on which Malayalis celebrate traditionally with their […]

5 Aspects to consider while Purchasing Vishu Dresses for Kids

Vishu Special Dress Collections for Kids

Vishu is a special occasion for Malayalees. Along with the fun, joy, devotion, and delicious feasts, men, women, and kids celebrate this auspicious festival by wearing the favorite clothes of their choice.  Choosing the perfect outfit for your kids is the best thing you can do as a parent to make them happy on the […]

Top Trending Best Quality Vishu Special Kidswear – 2023

Trending Vishu Special Kidswear 2023

Vishu special kidswear is a popular item during the festive season of Vishu, a festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala, typically in mid-April and it is a time for new beginnings, renewal, and hope for a prosperous year ahead.  Parents and relatives take great care to choose the perfect Vishu Kodi for their […]

Types of Vishu Special Dresses for Kids Available In 2022

vishu special dresses

As March draws to a close, there would be a lot of things that keep kids excited. Summer vacations, the much-awaited trip to a new destination or their grandparents’ house, the memorable festival celebrations with their near and dear ones, and the list goes on. Among the list of all the festivals in April, I […]