Looking For an Online Store with the Best Pongal Dress Collection? Make This Pongal Extraordinary With the Pongal Dress Collection of Nakshatra Kids

Are you a parent looking for Pongal traditional wear to make this Pongal special for your little one? Welcome to Nakshatra Kids, the best kidswear brand in Kerala. Having been one of the major players in the kidswear industry of Kerala, we are well aware of the preferences and concerns the parent of a little one will have when it comes to purchasing dresses for an auspicious occasion like Pongal, that is meant for thanking Mother Nature.

At Nakshtra Kids, we believe the customer is the king. And we allow our customers to purchase readymade Pongal dresses as well as customized Pongal dresses, according to their preference after discussing with our team of designers the details regarding the type and color of the fabric to be used and the design of the Pongal traditional wear.

With a team of talented designers, we can create extraordinary, traditional-looking Pongal dresses with unique designs that come with perfect stitching and quality. Within a short period, we have earned a reputation as the best kidswear brand in Kerala for having the largest collection of kidswear for every occasion.

Our Pongal new dress collection comprises the best Pongal traditional wears stitched to perfection. Most of these dresses come with a hair-bow and some of the dresses currently available under the ready-to-dispatch category of our Pongal dress collection include: 

  • Banarasi Top with Kasav Full Skirt for Baby Girl
  • Banarasi Top with Kasav Skirt
  • Banarasi Top with Kasav Embroidery Full Skirt For Baby Girl
  • Banarasi Top with Kasav Embroidery Ethnic Wear
  • Handwork Top with Kasav Embroidery Skirt 
  • Banarasi Top and Kasav Skirt Thread Work 
  • Ethnic Wear for Baby Girl
  • Handwork Top with Skirt
  • Raw Silk Handwork Top with Banarasi Red Skirt

Every state has its own culture and tradition. For a kidswear brand to increase its customer base, it is important that it evolves and comes up with dresses having unique economical designs that meet the requirements such as comfort and safety of its target group. Ever since our inception, we wanted to grow as a brand that caters to the needs of a heterogeneous population that allows customers to purchase their preferred type of dress such as a Pongal dress from our Pongal new dress collection, irrespective of whether they are purchasing from within or outside India.

At Nakshatra Kids, we have taken all the possible measures to make your shopping experience hassle-free. You can purchase your favorite Pongal dress at the click of a button from any part of the world and pay for the dresses purchased using your preferred mode of payment. Make sure you take enough time to go through the details mentioned under each type of dress. Delivery dates for each customer can vary based on the location they purchase from and dresses once purchased cannot be returned.

Another important point to be kept in mind before purchasing from our store is that the color of the dresses/ Pongal dresses purchased from our store will have a slight variation compared to the color seen in the photo due to the editing done for the photography.

Feel free to get in touch with us via our website or social media pages, in case of any queries.