Birthday collection

Planning Something Special for Your Little One’s First Birthday? Check out Our Collection of Birthday Dresses Online at Nakshatra Kids – The No. 1 Online Platform in Kerala Holding Ready to Dispatch Items

Make birthdays, especially the first birthday of your little one extra special by getting a memorable gift for them! Who wouldn’t love to see the smiling face of their kids especially on their birthday?  If you are someone who wishes to see that, it’s time you showcased your passion for trending, fashionable birthday dresses and made your kids’ birthday special and colorful by getting a birthday dress from the best collection of birthday dresses/ birthday outfits you can ever get. Being the best kids wear brand in Kerala, all our works are known for quality and our team of passionate and enthusiastic designers carefully handpicks the right fabric and materials to create the right birthday outfits for your little one, to make the memory of their special day worth cherishing.

Why Choose Nakshatra Kids For Getting Birthday Dresses/ First Birthday Dresses?

Having been in this industry for the last couple of years, our knowledge and expertise in designing the right outfit for kids are unbeatable. At Nakshatra Kids, we believe colors influence the mood of the person wearing it and we will help you choose a birthday dress that has the favorite color of your little one without compromising on quality. In case your baby doesn’t have any favorite color, we recommend that you choose a light color like white or pink. Say no to dark-colored dresses if your baby is pale-skinned- Such dresses are sure to overshadow your baby’s cuteness. Refrain from choosing bright-colored dresses if your baby has a dark skin tone, for such decisions can make you regret them later.

All our first birthday dresses/ birthday dresses online/ offline have been stitched, considering the occasion, as well as the baby’s age, skin tone, and comfort. Both readymade, as well as customized outfits, can be purchased from our store and the customized occasion outfits are designed by keeping in mind your preferences for the occasion. Quality of service, timely delivery, and perfect stitching are what our brand is known for.

We believe in stitching birthday dresses of the right size, but as babies tend to grow big easily, we recommend that you choose an outfit that is slightly bigger than your baby’s actual size, (particularly if you are purchasing it online). This will help you ensure that your baby can move around and have fun during her special day.

Choose not to purchase birthday dresses online/ offline if it has buttons, hooks, and plastic flowers attached to them for such decisions can help you avoid chances of the baby plucking these attachments out and putting them in her mouth. Even if you have to buy such dresses for some reason make sure such attachments are firmly attached. Dresses with too many ribbons and clips can be irritating for babies and toddlers and those with exaggerated decorations can look terrible on them. Therefore, we focus on creating simple dresses to keep our little clients looking cute and stop them from engaging in dangerous activities of any kind.

Nothing can make you happier than being able to see your baby wear the best birthday dress that falls within your budget. This way, you’ll not only save money or stop yourself from spending too much, but you will feel great for having selected the finest baby birthday dress you can ever get, for your little one.