Wondering Where to Purchase the Best Festival Outfits for Your Little One? We’ve Got You Covered at Nakshatra Kids- the Number 1 Online Platform in Kerala for Kidswear

Festivals give us enough reasons to celebrate and celebrations are incomplete without festival dresses. Being the best kidswear brand in Kerala, our store has the best festival outfits in all hues and styles to make your little one’s celebrations complete. As Indians, we are always taught to respect each other’s traditions and culture. 

Keeping this in mind, we have included in our collection of festival wear dresses, dresses ideal for all the South Indian festivals. The dresses currently included in our festival dress collection include:

Here’s a gist of festival outfits we have created for each celebration.

Pongal Dresses

Being a festival that is mainly celebrated by the Tamilians and Srilakans, each of the dresses available in this category was designed keeping in mind the religion and style followed by the Tamil speaking community. Our Pongal special festival dress collection comprises skirts and tops that are mainly made of embroidered or handworked kasavu, tissue silk, and banarasi silk.

Vishu Dresses

As a Hindu festival that places a lot of importance on starting our day with pleasant feelings and images, we have taken special care to create our Vishu special dresses with a divine touch. Choosing various combinations of pleasant colors and patterns, we have designed Vishu special festival wear dresses that will make your little one look traditional and modern at the same time.

Eid Al Fitr Dresses 

Our Eid-al-Fitr dress collection gives you the option to choose between skirts and tops and colorful elegant eid special festival outfits based on what looks best on your little one. So, make your little one’s celebrations complete and worth cherishing by purchasing the festival dress of your choice from our collection of Eid special festival outfits.

Onam Dresses

The thought of Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala brings to our mind the memories of how each of us dressed up for Onam and celebrated it during our childhood. And we are sure you would wish your little one also celebrates Onam in its true essence. Being the best kidswear brand in Kerala known for housing the maximum number of designs and ready-to-dispatch items, we are sure each of our Onam special festival dresses will make you feel like revisiting those good old days.

Diwali Dresses

Experience the true meaning of joy by making your little girl’s Diwali special with our Diwali special collection. Our collection of trending and colorful skirts is sure to make your little one’s festival of lights special like never before. Our team of designers, who are well aware of what each color stands for, has carefully handpicked different types and colors of fabrics to create readymade as well as customized Diwali outfits to help you choose the Diwali special dress of your choice for your little girl.

Christmas Dresses

Celebrate this Christmas by gifting your little Santa a Christmas special frock from our collection of Christmas dresses. We have designed our Christmas special dresses, keeping in mind the colors and various elements that remind us of Christmas to help you make your little one feel happy and peaceful.

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