Types of Vishu Special Dresses for Kids Available In 2022

Types of Vishu Special Dresses for Kids Available In 2022

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As March draws to a close, there would be a lot of things that keep kids excited. Summer vacations, the much-awaited trip to a new destination or their grandparents’ house, the memorable festival celebrations with their near and dear ones, and the list goes on. Among the list of all the festivals in April, I am sure the most awaited one would be that of Vishu, particularly if you are a Hindu. But the Vishu celebration of a Malayali is never complete without getting a Vishu special pattu pavadai or any other type of a Vishu special dress for your little one. So if you are a parent looking for some good options to choose a Vishu special dress for your little one, start by taking a look at some of the trending Vishu special dresses available online in 2022.

 Trending Vishu Outfits Available Online In 2022

Gone are the days when Vishu special pattu pavadai was the main or the only choice available for little girls to purchase under the category of Vishu special dresses. Talented fashion designers working with various brands are constantly in an exploration mode to see what they can come up with to make their designs stand out in the market.

Some of the popular Vishu outfits available online these days include:

  1. Silk Lehenga Choli
  2. Silk & Net Readymade Lehenga Choli
  3. Baby Girls Silk Pavadai Sattai (White)
  4. Kasavu Pure Cotton Saree With Stitched Blouse

Let us now take a look at the details of the above Vishu special dresses

  1. Silk Lehenga Choli

This is a dress that falls in the category of the most sought-after Vishu special dresses. Coming in colors that give it a traditional look, these cholis come with embellishments that will make your little one look charming like never before.

  1. Silk & Net Readymade Lehenga Choli

Another trending category of Vishu special dresses available online this year is Silk & Net Readymade Lehenga Choli. Apart from the traditional Vishu special pattu pavadai, a Silk & Net Readymade Lehenga Choli is indeed one of the must-have attires you should get for your little princess to give her that rich, traditional look. The best part of these lehenga cholis is that it comes with a smooth lining that offers comfort to your baby and a soft and non-pricky golden tissue border. As these Vishu special dresses are available in various colors, for children in the age group of 6 months- to 7 years, make sure you purchase a lehenga choli according to your little one’s age, that matches her skin tone and falls within your budget.

  1. Baby Girls’ Silk Pavadai Sattai (White)

Silk pavadai or Pattu Pavadai is one of the most versatile dresses available in the market for baby girls, kids, and women. It is indeed a very common sight to see parents repeatedly searching for Vishu special pattu pavadai or baby girls’ silk pavadai sattai (white). Have you ever thought about why? Pattu pavadai has a unique charm that makes it blend with the aura of multiple occasions such as Vishu, holiday parties, wedding parties, religious ceremonies, birthdays, artistic photoshoots, formal events, family gatherings, etc. This elegant attire is made in a manner that makes it perfect for wearing during the summer, spring, winter, and autumn seasons and is one of the most recommended Vishu special dresses available online in 2022.

  1. Kasavu Pure Cotton Saree With Stitched Blouse

Another category of traditional dress/ Vishu special dress available online for purchase now is a Kasavu Pure Cotton Saree with Stitched Blouse. It has been a tradition for ladies to wear a kasavu saree and blouse for special occasions like birthdays, Onam, Diwali, Vishu, etc. But watching kids wear it as a Vishu special dress is a feeling that cannot be described. This Vishu, those parents who are keen on seeing their little girl in a kasavu saree can purchase Kasavu Pure Cotton Sarees with Stitched Blouses online. This set of saree and blouse comes with a 25-inch long saree and a blouse of the size 24. Considering the comfort of the little girl wearing it, the saree and blouse have been made out of cotton. Moreover, having elastic attached to this attire makes it easy to wear for the kids.

With such types of Vishu special dresses and many more Vishu special dresses available in the market for purchase, you have enough and more options to choose the Vishu special dress of your choice for your little one. All you need to do to make your shopping experience a pleasing experience is to carefully go through all the details given on the particular website before placing the order. So why wait? Start Vishu shopping for your kids now!

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